Counter-Print raises the roof with new book devoted to architectural logos

Who doesn't love a good logo book? And Architectural Logos, published by Counter-Print, fills a gap in the market that was crying out to be plugged.

This delightful book contains a selection of logos, trademarks and symbols from around the world, all formed from architectural elements such as houses, buildings, windows, stairs and doors.

It brings together work from a range of world-class designers and studios, including Anagrama, Bond Creative Agency, Civilization, Fuzzco, Garbett, Grand Deluxe, Stefan Kanchev, Lundgren+Lindqvist and Richard Robinson Design.

"There are so many great logos within the book, and I have a particular affection for the logos that make you smile," says Jon Dowling, co-founder of Counter-Print. "Some play with negative space to create a secondary meaning – a classic example of this is Buddy Creative’s mark for Martin Newcombe, a property maintenance company. I admire the way Jack Renwick Studio have managed to great a ‘W’ monogram from the construction of gate for residential property development company West Farm Steading. And I love the clever use of architectural plans for the Irish Architecture Foundation’s ten-year mark by Unthink."

So what makes a great architectural logo? "The same rules apply to create great architectural logos as to any other theme or subject matter," Dowling believes. "The logos in the book are selected for their combination of intelligence and beauty. When these two factors combine, great work is created. The ‘Architectural’ theme is wonderful for a logo book because of the variation in forms within buildings – from windows, stairs, arches and roofs to tiles, gargoyles and doors."

And best of all, it's just the start of things to come. "‘Architectural Logos’ is the start of a mini-series of logo books we wish to publish over the coming months and years," says Dowling. "We hope it will give us a platform to explore subsections of logo design, that might ordinarily not be celebrated. The books will hopefully be well-curated, fun, affordable and – due to their compact size – won’t take up too much valuable real estate on the bookshelf."


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