Fold7's new Carlsberg ad, Mean Tweets, questions whether it actually is 'probably the best beer in the world'

Ad agency Fold7 has launched a new social media-first video campaign for Carlsberg showcasing the "mean tweets" the brand has received about its beer.

For years, Carlsberg has claimed to be “probably the best beer in the world”, but now it seems to be questioning that bold claim.

The videos see Carlsberg employees reading out tweets that are less than favourable—one compares the beer to the "rancid piss of Satan"—before going on to explain that its new Danish Pilsner uses a refreshed recipe. In fact, says Carlsberg, it's been "completely rebrewed from head to hop for a crisper, fuller flavour."

"It takes a brave client to face up to such criticism of your product so publicly, so hats off to Carlsberg for this," says Fold7’s chief creative officer, Ryan Newey. "No hiding behind advertising, just simple honesty and getting back to the philosophy that sits at the heart of the brand, the pursuit of better."

Carlsberg UK’s vice president of marketing, Liam Newton, adds: "In order to live up to our promise of being ‘probably the best beer in the world’, we had to create a better beer... We will be offering the people that posted mean tweets about our old brew a taste of our new Pilsner to see if they agree!”

Fold7 worked with Clifford French and Initiative on the series.


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