Makeshift Society in Brooklyn inspires creativity to its co-workers over 1,000 square feet

Makeshift Society launched its first co-working space in the Bay Area of San Francisco two years ago, offering local creatives a 1,000 square foot space in which to work, collaborate and play. Now its founders have opened a Brooklyn hub, four times the size of its smaller sibling – spread out over two floors of a former pencil factory in Billyburg.

The whole idea of the two spaces is to create a clubhouse environment more than an office. Somewhere that aims to make life easier for creative freelancers and small businesses. There are communal tables and desks, cosy meeting or breakout spaces, one-person 'quiet booths', shared kitchens and brainstorming rooms.

Memberships, which start from $30 for a day pass, include things like access to phone chargers, projectors, colour printers and 'business-class' WiFi. Two beautiful spaces either side of America, and you can find out more by visiting

All images courtesy of Makeshift Society


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