Podcasts to get you through lockdown: Cheerful, inspiring and heartwarming

Following closely behind our story earlier this week on Nearly Published, a new platform that celebrates processes, mistakes and failures, we thought you might like a few heartwarming podcast suggestions, too.

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

The kind of shows that are full of empathy and compassion. That will leave you feeling optimistic and hopeful for the future. Now is not the time to feel intimidated or disheartened by podcasts that might feel a little out of reach.

As we come to terms with Covid-19 and all it entails, here are some podcast recommendations to see you through the next few weeks.

The Creative Boom Podcast

If you're an artist, designer, illustrator or photographer, whether you freelance, have a side project or work for someone else, The Creative Boom Podcast is full of fun and honest conversations with creative people that will inspire. There are many laughs, a few tears but plenty of great advice and insight to help you in your creative career. Yes, there are some big names – but don't let that put you off.

Hosted by me, Katy Cowan, founder and editor of Creative Boom, a magazine I launched in 2009 to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community.

Creative Pep Talk

Creative Pep Talk helps you build a thriving creative practice and is one of our favourite podcasts out there. Each week, host (and illustrator) Andy J. Pizza serves up monologues and interviews with creative powerhouses like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Abbi Jacobson and Morgan Harper Nichols that are "chocked to the brim" with creative performance hacks and fresh marketing tactics.

The Daily Pep!

This is a daily podcast for "courage makers, creative and multi-passionate and unconventional women", who are looking for a "daily dose of rebel-rousing, encouragement and reminders to keep going". Every weekday, coach and writer Meg Kissack shares short and snappy insights, reminders and stories to help you build a wholehearted creative life that feels good, is sustainable and joyful and leaves the world a brighter place.

Calmer You

Chloe Brotheridge is a hypnotherapist, coach and author of The Anxiety Solution and Brave New Girl. She offers sessions, online courses and is the host of leading mental health podcast, The Calmer You Podcast. If you lack confidence, suffer from anxiety and are always overthinking things, then this will provide heaps of reassurance and tips to help you become happier and calmer.

BudPod with Phil Wang & Pierre Novellie

Top stand-ups and "all-round great buds" Phil Wang and Pierre Novellie join forces to bring you hilarious conversation and funny little chunks they have found or made. Lots of silliness and plenty to enjoy with these two. They're on lockdown and seeing the funny side of it – check out their latest episode.

Crash on my Couch

A weekly podcast with YouTubers Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire, proving that we all live in a truly crazy world. From conspiracy theories to weird cultures of Japan to questions about relationships, happiness, and pet revenge, this is the place to discover all the fun facts that are currently a necessity for surviving life in your 20s (or any age, to be honest).

The Couragemakers Podcast

Couragemakers is a weekly podcast for "creative and passionate, mission-driven doers, makers and world-shakers designed to inspire and encourage fellow courage makers". Building the life you want and putting stuff in the world takes a boatload of courage, but you don't have to do it alone with this recommended podcast.

Desert Island Discs

Eight tracks, a book and a luxury: what would you take to a desert island? Guests on this classic BBC Radio4 show share the soundtrack of their lives. Listen to the one with Bob Mortimer – a heartwarming episode, no doubt.

Ten Percent Happier Podcast with Dan Harris

Dan Harris is a fidgety, sceptical ABC newsman who had a panic attack live on Good Morning America, which led him to something he always thought was ridiculous: meditation. He wrote the bestselling book, 10% Happier, started an app, and now, in this podcast, Dan talks with smart people about whether there's anything beyond 10%. Basically, here's what this podcast is obsessed with: Can you be an ambitious person and still strive for enlightenment (whatever that means)? New episodes every Wednesday morning.

Happy Place Podcast

Fearne Cotton's podcast series builds on the success of her bestselling book, Happy, where she draws on her own experiences and shares advice from experts on how to work through feeling blue to finding joy each and every day. If you're feeling lost or frazzled from the pressures of this fast-paced life (or indeed the current crisis), there are ways to put one foot in front of the other and help you unlock that inner happiness. A must listen.

Motion Hatch

This bi-weekly programme hosted by Hayley Akins discusses the business side of animation and motion design. Hear from a wide range of voices within the industry and get quality motion design advice and insight. Next week, there's an episode with a clinical psychologist helping you to cope with anxiety during uncertain times.

Sit There, Do Nothing

Meditation doesn't have to be serious! Join host Meg Lewis as she turns you into a relaxed blob through part-useful, part-comedic guided meditations, stories, affirmations, and other weirdly soothing experiences. Perfect for easing your anxiety and putting you into a better mood.

The Handsome Frank Podcast

Newly launched, this podcast by Handsome Frank is hosted by the illustration agency's founders and includes chat with the illustrators they represent. Kicking things off wonderfully with Jean Jullien.


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