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Want to be inspired by cutting-edge creativity? Adobe MAX is an unmissable virtual and physical event: read on to discover why and how to attend for free.

Adobe Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Shantanu Narayen at Adobe Max

Adobe Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Shantanu Narayen at Adobe Max

From Photoshop to Premiere Pro, Illustrator to XD, Adobe software is at the beating heart of the creative profession. So if you've never attended Adobe MAX, you're really missing out. This annual event, taking place from 18-20 October, is a colourful showcase of the latest updates and improvement's to Adobe's tools, giving you unbeatable insights into how you can work faster, more productively and more creatively than ever before.

Plus, Adobe MAX isn't just about software. Featuring a wide range of inspirational speakers across multiple disciplines, from artists Kadir Nelson and Jeff Koons to actor-comedian Kevin Hart and designer Aaron Draplin to award-winning director Siân Heder, it's basically the Glastonbury of the creative industries.

If you can't make it to the physical event in Los Angeles, the great news is you can attend virtually for absolutely nothing! That means you can access 168 sessions in the comfort of your home or office, absolutely free. You just need to register in advance, which you can do today here.

Below, we've picked out a few of the sessions we're most excited to see, but there are plenty more besides these. You can see the full list of speakers here and the full session catalogue here.

1. Photoshop Game-Changing Features Every Designer Should Know

If you think you know everything about Photoshop, you're probably wrong. Join Kristina Sherk of Shark Pixel to discover indispensable new Photoshop features and ways to use existing tools that will make your design work easier.

2. 3D Graphic Design: Mixing Your Favorite Apps with 3D Tools

With the rise of the metaverse, graphic designers with 3D skills will be hugely in demand. So get ahead of the curve with Adobe evangelist Paul Trani, who explains how to learn to use familiar tools like Illustrator and Photoshop to create 3D elements.

3. Five Trends Every Creative Leader Should Follow in 2023

Adam Morgan, Adobe's ECD, shares five trending strategies to help you make a positive change as a creative leader in 2023. This is your chance to make a bigger impact on business based on the experiences of leaders at some of the world's top brands.

4. From Stills to Video: How to Transition Like a Pro

Mark Mann, the renowned portrait photographer, recently turned his hand to shooting video and found the learning curve steep. By exploring that learning curve together in detail, his experience will help you get there more quickly.

Adobe Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Creative Cloud Scott Belsky at Adobe Max

Adobe Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Creative Cloud Scott Belsky at Adobe Max

5. Discover the Golden Secrets of Lettering

Fast-track your way into lettering! Artist and author Martina Flor walks you through the process of creating a lettering piece, from hand sketch to final digital artwork in Illustrator. You'll leave with both the inspiration and the tools to give it a go yourself.

6. How to Build Your TikTok Following

Join Sharon Tseung, content creator and real estate investor, to learn how she built an active community of over half a million TikTok followers. In this session, you'll discover best practices for defining your brand, reaching new audiences, and driving engagement.

7. Making Your Social Media Videos Pop with Color

Do you know those days when you need to push content out fast? This session by digital storyteller and former Adobe Creative Resident Hallease Narvaez will help you navigate the various colour features built into Adobe Premiere Pro. She'll cover different project settings for working with various gammas of footage, the different ways Premiere Pro interprets footage, and how best to work with Auto Color. And she'll teach you techniques for colour correcting for skin tones using curves, show you how to create and save custom Lookup Tables (LUTs), and share some exporting hacks for Apple/Mac users.

Adobe Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Shantanu Narayen at Adobe Max

Adobe Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Shantanu Narayen at Adobe Max

8. Indigenous Storytelling: Perspectives of Sundance Filmmakers

Join Miciana Alise and Erica Tremblay, Sundance and Adobe-supported filmmakers, who'll share how they prepared to shoot their first feature film this year. This conversation will focus on the many ways to spark your creativity.

9. Alternative Ways to Make a Living

Join artist Mr Bingo as he shares personal stories about learning to rap, going viral, high treason, working with an audience, recruiting bodies for art, soliciting NSFW pics, stalkers, making art in a pandemic, death threats, and becoming a dominatrix by mistake.

10. Unleashing Creativity with EMEA's Leading Experts

In this "not to be missed" session, join Rufus Deuchler, Simon Morris and host Lucy Hedges as they meet some of the biggest names from the creative industry. About their journeys, highs and lows, ambitions, inspirations, advice, and, ultimately, the importance of using creativity to keep pushing boundaries. For example, discover how Harris Reed is redefining fashion with his gender-fluid designs and how Dame Vivienne Westwood's non-conformism has been standing her apart in the industry for five decades. We'll even learn what keeps The Chemical Brothers' show directors wowing audiences after 25 years.

All this is just a small taster of the sessions you can enjoy by registering for Adobe Max. It's totally free, so don't delay: sign up here today!

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