Solving the problem of displaying NFT artworks with a smart art frame

Much of this year has been dedicated to the subject of CryptoArt. The creative community has been quick to welcome or criticise the rapidly-moving world of NFTs. But with so much awareness and change since its introduction, there are now many eco-friendly options available. With one problem solved and with your eye on a masterpiece, how do you actually display digital artwork in your home?

In most cases, if you've purchased an NFT artwork, whether using a sustainable and transparent platform like KodaDot or Viv3, you'd have to connect a flash drive to a television or computer. That's not exactly ideal, as these display screens often aren't good enough and can't show the true colours and textures of your Crypto masterpiece.

That's where the Blue Canvas smart frame can help. It's been explicitly designed to solve this problem, displaying your NFT artworks in high definition on its super-slim frame. At just 0.5 inches thick, it's also very lightweight, making it easy to position wherever suits you best.

And the picture quality is just excellent. This isn't surprising once you discover the 26.5-inch diameter screen boasts a pixel-perfect, high-quality IPS display, offering 450 nits of brightness, a wide colour gamut, anti-glare technology and 1920 x 1920 QHD resolution. If you're worried about screen glare, the smart frame doesn't have any, which means you can enjoy your art from every angle.

It's very flexible, too. This smart frame is Wi-Fi connected and makes it easy to upload your own images and video via your phone or computer. Once you upload this content, it can be viewed anywhere globally via Blue Canvas's own cloud platform.

You can set your Blue Canvas smart frame to switch on and off automatically at predetermined times. You can display information such as the time, date and weather forecast. And you can even pair it with a Bluetooth speaker to play accompanying music.

With the extra bonus of a copyright protection system, the Blue Canvas smart frame also prevents duplication and embezzlement on your NFT artworks or files.

Aside from CryptoArt, what else can the Blue Canvas smart frame do? It has many uses you might not have even thought of. Read on as we reel off some of our favourites.

1. Display your work in the background when videoconferencing

We've all been meeting, networking and interviewing over Zoom recently. But most of us have been missing a trick regarding the backgrounds we're showing potential clients, collaborators and employers. Rather than a plain backdrop or a boring bookcase, why not place your Blue Canvas smart art frame in full view, and showcase your best creative work on it?

For a start, this shows a level of initiative that will impress the person you're talking to. Furthermore, they'll probably pick up on one or two pieces that catch their attention. A win-win! That will give you full scope to sell yourself and your work naturally that feels conversational rather than overly pushy.

2. Use it at galleries and events

The Blue Canvas smart frame can also prove invaluable if you're hosting an event, whether that be a gallery opening, a local meetup or networking event, or a fully-fledged conference.

For example, you might want to use this versatile product to display the day's schedule (it's easy to update in real-time if things change along the way). You might want to advertise other events. Or you may just wish to showcase your design, animation, and video work to attendees.

In short, whatever you want people at your event to see and take note of, the Blue Canvas smart frame gives you the perfect opportunity.

3. Enjoy free art

We all dream of hanging famous works of art in our homes. But most have us don't have the tens of millions needed to buy them. Well, with the Blue Canvas smart frame, you can access 2,400+ incredible artworks from around the world for free!

These range from famous paintings to fresh and exciting work by new artists. It means you'll never be short of visual inspiration when you sit down to do your own creative work.

And let's be clear: this really is a high-class viewing experience. The quality picture on the Blue Canvas smart frame is so much more sophisticated and detailed than the average smart TV. So it allows you to enjoy digitised works of art in a way that's almost indistinguishable from seeing the original in a real gallery.

As well as the thousands of free artworks on offer, you can also connect with contemporary artists around the world and buy directly via the platform. Each piece will be inspected and copyrighted by the expert curators at Blue Canvas.

4. Let the AI choose for you

Lacking inspiration and not sure what you want your Blue Canvas smart frame to show you on a particular day? Then great news! It comes equipped with an AI Curation Feature, which provides a personalised user experience by analysing data from your choices to date.

That means, in effect, that the Blue Canvas smart frame can kind of read your mind and show you the kind of visuals that will inspire you. And you won't have to do any curation work at all!

5. Display images of your loved ones

Whenever we meet friends and family, we take photos of each other with our phones: some posed, some candid, some fun, some serious. But most of these images just stay on our devices and never see the light of day again.

Instead, give them the treatment they deserve and put them up on your Blue Canvas smart frame. With phone cameras getting so much better these days, seeing your shots on a larger screen can really bring out the colours and details in these images. And that will give you a whole new way to enjoy and appreciate photos of your loved ones.

6. Share pictures with friends and family

Many of us have friends or family who are separated from us geographically, and seeing them in person right now is more difficult than ever before. So why not buy them a Blue Canvas smart frame, and you can send them personal photos, specially made artwork, or just fun messages at the touch of a button?

It's an enriching way to stay in touch, a much more nuanced and emotional level that instant messaging and Facebook likes can ever compete with.

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