Sonny Adorjan launches Woodism, a shop selling artworks based on his autistic son's charming phrases

Sonny Adorjan, an award-winning former art director for leading agency AMVBBDO, has launched a new business called Woodism, creating unique art pieces based on his autistic son's heartwarming phrases.

The linocut prints and cards feature one-liners such as "Without you, life would be revolting" and "I wish you were the only people on this planet". And there's our personal favourite, "If you run out of luck, I will give you all of mine".

Part of all profits will go to Ambitious about Autism, a charity which supports families with autistic children. Karina Bird from the charity said: "His prints capture Woody's unique view of the world and his phrases are both optimistic and tender. It's wonderful to see the perspective of a young autistic person making such positive waves in such a competitive industry. Sonny and Woody should be very proud of what they have achieved."

At the age of three, Woody was diagnosed with high functioning autism. Sonny says: "As he developed, he seemed to have a unique way of viewing the world and expressing himself. So I began to create linocut carvings of some of his original phrases as a way of holding on to Woody's touching words."

The creative process gave Woody and his father a chance to connect as they worked on the designs. "It gave Woody newfound confidence," adds Sonny. "He sometimes struggled at school and found handwriting particularly challenging, but suddenly his words became important. People wanted to hang them on their walls."

In his words, Woody says: "I'm famous! I'm the author!" If you'd like to find out more, visit where you can purchase a 'Wood-ism' artwork.


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