Think you can't draw? You might be proven wrong

Artist, illustrator and "paper engineer" Lydia Crook is on a mission: to show even the most self-doubting aspiring artist that yes, they can draw.

That explains the directness of the title of her new book – I Can't Draw: This Book Will Prove You Can.

Released next month from the publisher Quarto priced £12.99, the book takes the form of a lighthearted, interactive workbook, featuring 60 art activities explained using simple instructions and prompts.

Each activity works towards instilling in people the essential elements of drawing—exploring, as the author puts it, new ways of "looking, noticing, doodling, and squiggling" with the aim being that readers will see that actually, they can draw after all.

The various activities and gentle lessons in the book include continuous line drawing, drawing with dots, hatching, making patterns, creating 3D objects, contouring and shading, drawing perspective and movement and mark-making, including how to draw using easily accessible tools like cotton wool.

UK-based Crook is known for her playful illustrations, ornate paper cuts and limited edition prints. In her role as a "paper engineer" – for which she works as part of Corina Fletcher's creative team – she has designed and created books for Ivy Kids, Macmillan, Kingfisher and Thunder Bay Press among others. Her titles include Paper Play, Christmas Paper Play, Make a Mobile and Two-Player Big Fun Book.


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