SomeOne rebrands one of the fastest growing UK FinTechs, MarketInvoice

MarketInvoice is an incredible fin-tech story. Founded in 2011, the brand has now supplied over £1billion in funding to businesses both big and small across the UK. London agency SomeOne was recently approached to create a new strategy and refreshed approach to telling its story to a wider audience.

"MarketInvoice believes that entrepreneurs should focus on what they’re passionate about, rather than having to worry about how to finance their business," says Laura Hussey, Creative Partner, SomeOne. "Our strategy was to create a brand that is progressive, friendly and positive. MarketInvoice has an amazing reputation for its customer service, it can solve almost any businesses problem and to do that well, collaboration with its clients is vital."

This strategy of collaboration encompasses the whole of MarketInvoice's rebrand with the 'M' split into two equal parts signifying the role of MarketInvoice and its clients and partners coming together. This idea of duality is played throughout the new identity, unifying everything MarketInvoice says and does.

"It was clear there was a huge brand opportunity in developing a visible strategy to embody the MarketInvoice can-do and pro-active attitude. 'Let’s Make It Happen' was developed as the chosen way to describe not just what they do, but why they do it," explains Simon Manchipp, SomeOne's Executive Strategic Creative Director.

To promote the new strategic position SomeOne created a new multi-channel advertising campaign which focuses on both the new position, and a new product launch, Loans.

"We took a distinctly un-financial approach. 'Easy As Pie' is the way many customers described the interactions with MarketInvoice, in this sector this is a rare accolade," says Shaun Turnbull, Senior lead designer at SomeOne. "We’ve given the brand a new strategic position, a new way of talking and as a result of this, a new look to reflect this."

All images courtesy of SomeOne


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