The Brand Identity collaborates with Maurice Másson to create some stylish new photo mockups

Our friends over at The Brand Identity have joined forces with German art director Maurice Másson to create a new collection of customisable imagery created to "showcase artwork in a realistic environment".

All images courtesy of The Brand Identity, via submission

All images courtesy of The Brand Identity, via submission

According to Brand Identity founder, Elliott Moody, the collaboration was born out of a shared desire to offer a "new take on photographic mockups that feel both curated and like on-the-fly photography that just happen to contain a poster frame or shop sign".

Simply called The Templates, the first drop consists of 20 templates and includes billboards, posters and signs, and are available individually, in a package by type, or as a complete collection.

And if you like this, then you'll be happy to learn that the collaboration will continue to grow, with future additions set to include flags, shop windows and stationery.

Available exclusively at For those who'd like to know, the featured typeface is FK Screamer by Florian Karsten.


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