&Walsh's dynamic identity for Quality Experience allows it to adapt to any client

Renowned New York-based creative agency &Walsh has today unveiled a dynamic identity for independent agency Quality Experience. With an adaptive 3D logomark at its core, the branding wants to make all clients and projects feel welcome.

&Walsh, the creative agency founded by Jessica Walsh, is well-known for making risk-taking work to a crazy high standard that functions for their client's goals and "resonates with their audiences". In their hot-off-the-press identity for the new advertising agency Quality Experience (QX), they've achieved that by making dynamic, adaptable branding.

Founded by Global Chief Creative Officer Ari Weiss earlier this year, QX is an independent, full-service advertising agency on a mission to "foster purposeful interactions between brands and their audiences". It aims to do this by creating quality experiences and an environment where bold ideas can flourish. In other words, it was the perfect challenge for &Walsh to get its teeth into.

To create a space where clients and projects from all walks of life can achieve their full potential, &Walsh decided to embrace tension and duality. Rather than playing it safe, they have showcased a striking balance between friction and beauty in their identity that is flexible enough to encompass different personalities and tones.

By its nature, QX is not a "one size fits all" agency. And this, of course, meant that its logo system could not follow suit. To this end, &Walsh developed a dynamic range of logomarks that purposefully adapt to each client's unique personality. "Our goal with this variety is to ensure each client sees themselves within QX's brand universe," it explains.

This shape-shifting logo can be applied to everything from OOH materials to digital assets and business cards. Using the QX initialism as its basis, the logo can be adapted from somewhat floral letterforms right the way through to more contained, rounded shapes, plus many more in between and beyond.

"To further personify QX's brand, we created a 3D logomark that takes the shape of a living organism, embodying the brand's organic and ever-evolving essence," says &Walsh. "In this biosphere, the logomark breaks through the limits of its 2D shape, expanding into a 3D living organism."

It's a subtle yet striking idea and one that's executed with & Walsh's flair for innovation and excellence. After all, no two brands and no two clients are the same, so why should they expect a by-the-numbers approach to branding? Thanks to &Walsh, QX can deliver a personable experience to its clients while retaining a signature image distinct from its own identity.

"Working with &Walsh has truly been an exceptional 'quality experience' (pun intended)," says Cristina Reina, chief creative officer at Quality Experience. "The care, collaboration, and talent within those walls are truly remarkable, making the journey not only creatively fulfilling but also remarkably aligned with the essence of our company."

"& Walsh's strength lies not only in design but also in their strategic and conceptual thinking. The concept of creating a dynamic brand system to showcase our agency's ability to flex and adapt based on the unique problems and ambitions of our clients was a huge unlock for us."


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