Between the Wrinkles: New Joe Sorren exhibition is a 'hymn to the beauty of life'

Surrealist artist Joe Sorren is about to make his debut at Dorothy Circus Gallery's London gallery with a solo exhibition titled Between the Wrinkles. Bursting with the vibrant colours and distinctive characters which have made his name, it promises to be a "hymn to the beauty of life".

Described as an "emblematic artist of the new surrealism" movement, American painter Joe Sorren has helped to reshape the landscape of contemporary art, which was previously dominated by abstract expressionists. Now, if you're in London, you can marvel at his work in the Dorothy Circus Gallery.

That's because his work will be on display between 9 March and 6 April as part of the Between the Wrinkles exhibition. The show consists of new paintings that explore the artist's emotions and memories. The pieces see Sorren searching for the "essence of bygone moments".

Nine new paintings make up Between the Wrinkles, which represents Sorren at the height of his powers. This collection promises enchanting artworks that showcase the maturity of his ability as an artist. And it's something of a dream come true for the exhibition's organiser, too.

"My first encounter with Sorren's art was in 2005, during a visit to the Billy Shire gallery in Los Angeles," says Alexandra Mazzanti, Dorothy Circus Gallery Director & Owner. "A particular painting caught my eye, casting a mesmerising spell that enchanted me. Since opening my gallery in 2007, it has been my fervent aspiration to someday exhibit his works.

"In Sorren's canvases, time becomes primordial, and we live an immersive experience, captivated by the forms and sudden spaces of light, while we ponder the sentimental dynamics unfolding before our eyes."

He adds: "In this exploration, we let ourselves go as if reading a literary masterpiece that keeps us glued to the pages and carries us away to places of the soul that we will never forget and will revisit whenever we need."

Part of what makes Sorren so popular and endearing is that his work represents an intersection of impressionistic and contemporary references. Conventional boundaries are transcended via his masterful brushwork, and his canvases are infused with a sense of regeneration and transformation.

"This generates a vision where every brushstroke resonates with the pure, unadulterated sound of happiness, able to shift the world we are in into something belonging to another dimension, made of emotions only," adds Alexandra.

"This transcendent experience is a testament to Sorren's ability to evoke powerful emotions through his canvases, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of encountering his work."

A prime example of how Sorren creates an intricate interplay between the artwork and its observer can be seen in the piece titled The Critic. This remarkable painting shows a woman with red hair writing while reclining on a rocky perch and observing the tranquil expanse of the sea as it stretches out to the horizon.

"Her gaze speaks volumes, reaching into a distant realm that lies solely within the confines of her own thoughts and imagination," Alexandra explains. "It's a poignant reminder of each individual's personal, intimate connection when engaging with art, that connects with their inner world, often a place others can't access. This contemplative depth adds an extra layer of intrigue to the painting, inviting viewers to ponder the depths of the subject's inner thoughts and emotions.

"Through Sorren's deft brushwork and evocative imagery, The Critic becomes a testament to the power of art to bridge the gaps between us, offering a glimpse into the profound connections that can exist between individuals, even in the absence of direct encounter."


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