People of Print teams up with Kickstarter to support and celebrate independent publishers

People of Print has joined forces with crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to come up with a fair and sustainable model for the UK's fast-growing independent publishing industry.

It comes after the print firm enjoyed success with its own Kickstarter campaign for Femme Type, a book celebrating type work by over 40 international women.

"Anyone can be a publisher these days but it's a risky venture and all about how many people you can reach," People of Print's Amber Weaver tells Creative Boom. "A publisher is essentially a promoter, equivalent to a record label so you're responsible for the marketing, distribution, sales, storage, and more – as long as you have a stable enough infrastructure to handle it then it's doable.

"The traditional model is usually that you pay the author an advance for the book then you produce yourself and pay them royalties. This means, however, that the publisher can then keep on producing as many copies as they like and the author sees very little of the money, as the publisher owns the rights to the publication. Having been through this model for the People of Print book, Marcroy – our founding director – wanted to be able to create a much fairer model where the author is more rewarded for their hard work and talent."

Launching the new partnership at Athenaeum Boekhandal in Amsterdam, People of Print and Kickstarter have announced their first open call for creatives. You have until the end of December 2019 to submit your projects. One lucky winner will then have their idea published in early 2020.

This will then happen on a quarterly basis. What's up for grabs? You'll get mentorship and advice on planning your campaign; promotion of your campaign through both People of Print and Kickstarter; support sourcing the print and finishing plus warehouse storage and distribution. And your product will feature at international events and fairs, branded as an official People of Print (In Perpetuum) product.

Simply submit your beautiful ideas via Read these helpful FAQS to find out what's required with your submission.


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