GAME launches new direction in ads that urge adults to be silly

Games retailer GAME is expanding its offering beyond video games. So they've partnered with The Specialist Works and What's Possible to create a series of ads spreading the word.

GAME's branding couldn't be simpler, right? It's instantly obvious that this is a videogames retailer. However, although the company is known for its wide range of computer games and consoles, it's now expanding its offering to include toys, board games, tech, collectables, and more. This reflects a new strategy to target the whole family, not just gamers.

That, of course, presented a challenge for the company. How best to communicate this new direction for GAME without diluting the brand and throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

To solve this conundrum, partnered with independent media agency The Specialist Works and What's Possible Creative Studio to launch a campaign focused on a simple but powerful theme: 'Never Grow Up!'.

Three different brand films bring this idea to life by capturing the simple pleasure of turning everyday tasks into amusing pastimes. Featuring a multi-generational cast, the films show families and friends basking in the joy of taking every opportunity to have a bit of fun.

The shift in focus for the company is pretty subtle. The new strategy is not really spelt out during the ad; rather, at the end of the ad, the sign-off reads: "Toys... Gaming... Tech... More."

Arguably, though, this is a more effective approach because rather than announcing that GAME is no longer focusing on video games (which might upset some people), it almost gives the impression that GAME stores have always sold these things.

Targeting everyone

The campaign launches just in time to capture the early Christmas shoppers and targets everyone, from 18-year-old gamers to 75+ grandparents, showing no age limit on having a good time.

Rolling out in different stages, the first 30-second spots will debut on BVOD on the 4th of November, with the 60-second spots launching on linear TV on 1 December. The campaign will run through to Christmas eve. Social and digital activations will also span YouTube, TikTok and social media.

"In the current state of the world, we all could use a bit of play right now," says James Nudds, senior marketing operations manager at GAME. "By expanding our offering, we hope to bring even more fun to the masses. It has been incredibly insightful working with What's Possible Creative Studio, and The Specialist Works to supercharge our brand, and I look forward to seeing the campaign live on the screen."

Pete Kemp, the managing partner at The Specialist Works, adds: "It's been brilliant collaborating with GAME and What's Possible Creative Studio on this fun campaign. GAME is an exciting brand at a pivotal stage in its evolution, and they understand the importance of a robust media strategy to reach a large, diverse audience. We look forward to following their brand journey and future work together."


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