Dutch parade marks all things dangerous with giant floats made out of flowers

The annual Corso Zundert has just taken place in the Netherlands.

All images courtesy of [Corso Zundert](http://www.corsozundert.nl/)

All images courtesy of Corso Zundert

Featured previously, the flower festival is bigger and better than ever.

If you've not yet heard of it, it's a legendary parade of giant floats adorned with thousands of dahlia flowers that makes its way through the streets of Zundert.

For 2016, the theme was Dangerous Transportation with around 20 teams rising up to the challenge to create something worthy of the popular event. From giant sleeping lions and fire-breathing dragons to moving caskets full of zombies and dangerously bent electricity pylons, there was no limit to the participants' imagination.

What began in 1936 to pay homage to flowers – the Netherlands' most famous export – has since grown into one of the country's biggest and most anticipated events, with many of today's floats including moving parts to help bring them to life. If you'd like to attend next year's Corso Zundert, it always takes place on the first Sunday of September. For more information, visit www.corsozundert.nl.


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