Flat Out: Jean Jullien stages his first exhibition of lazy illustrated sculptures

Flat Out is the first large-scale exhibition of sculptures by French illustrator Jean Jullien where he presents a series of eight steel artworks, all in his usual style and along the theme of laziness.

Recently on show at the Watt space at Gent's Dift Gallery, the bright coloured structures are made from sheets of bent metal with each piece resembling the outline of a person.

Jean Jullien‘s instantly recognisable signature style and observational take on modern life has seen him become one of the most sought after image-makers in the world. Often character based with his distinctive black line illustration style, his work is always well observed and very funny.

Last year, the illustrator extended his reach after sketching a combination of the Eiffel Tower and peace symbol as a mark of unity following the Paris terrorist attacks. The artwork went viral and was shared thousands of times around the world.

Via Watt | All images courtesy of Watt


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