Shillington introduces a half scholarship to study graphic design at its campuses

Whether you're a recent design graduate looking to build on your degree, or an established professional looking to switch careers, Shillington 's intensive graphic design courses are both a practical and affordable way to propel yourself into your dream job. And here's some even better news.

Right now, Shillington is holding a contest to win half scholarships for its graphic design courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York, London and Manchester. That's right: victors will get 50% off their fees for courses starting this September. But you need to apply before 5pm UK time on Monday 13 July: so there's no time to waste!

Shillington's half scholarships offer an unmissable opportunity to get mentored by top design professionals and receive the kind of training, grounded in real-world briefs, that will make you industry-ready.

Plus, if that wasn't enough, this year Shillington is also partnering with Champion to offer one full scholarship for its full-time courses in London and Manchester this September. One successful applicant will receive 100% off total course fees. Champion is a creative enterprise with a social mission to champion young creative talent (under 25s) from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Sound good? Just listen to what some past winners have to say.

Darsh Seneviratne won a half Shillington scholarship last year and is currently studying part-time in Sydney. This time last year he was working at Nikon as a sales rep, having studied Fine Arts in Photography, but deep down, he longed to work in design, and he eventually decided to take the plunge and retrain.

"I really liked the course that Shillington offered, particularly as it was intensive and worked around my work schedule," he recalls. His application for the 2019 Shillington College Half Scholarship can be seen below.

"Winning the half scholarship was unreal!" he says now. "I hadn't won anything since the 1998 Eastwood Police Station Colouring-in Competition: guess design was always in my blood, huh? I'd visited the Sydney Shillington campus the previous week, and a few of the staff recognised me from my video, which was a lovely feeling."

Darsh would highly recommend the course to anyone juggling multiple commitments, such as work, family, career. "The course is fast-paced and intensive," he notes, "but the teachers understand the pressures and commitments of part-time students. The classes are small and intimate, students can bounce ideas off one another, and the class culture flourishes as the course progresses.

"I've learned a lot more in the past few months than I thought I'd be able to," he adds. "The environment they create is engaging and exciting, and I can feel the design process and mindset starting to flow into my everyday work and life. The course hasn't taught me just practical skills, but also honed my own aesthetic approach to products and services I engage with, as well as how I approach my photographic work."

Niamh Tully's winning entry to Shillington's half scholarship competition

Niamh Tulley is another career-switcher who's got herself on the right track thanks to Shillington. Having graduated in Fine Art, she began working in fashion PR. "But despite sounding glamorous I found the adjustment to office-based, admin-heavy work difficult to adapt to, having come from a free and creative background," she reflects.

She saw an opportunity to refocus her career through Shillington and was overjoyed when she won a half scholarship. "It was the best feeling," she says. "I'd been feeling trapped and lost in the situation I was in, so it was a massive relief and I was so proud of myself. I think I read the congratulations email about ten times before I told anyone!"

Niamh is currently studying part-time with Shillington in London and is loving it. "I feel like have a purpose and a passion again," she enthuses. "While researching for my next corporate branding project at a museum, I had this overwhelming feeling of happiness, and a little weep, like: 'This is always what I should have been doing.'"

Photography courtesy of Shillington

Photography courtesy of Shillington

For your chance to win a half scholarship with Shillington in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York, London or Manchester, visit for details and to apply. The deadline is 5pm UK time, 5pm United States time, and 5pm Australia time, on Monday 13 July. We wish you the best of luck!

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