Whoopi Goldberg calls for 'The Gigantic Change' in a beautiful new animation

For World Environment Day, Passion Pictures in London has collaborated with Extinction Rebellion to create a beautiful animation starring Whoopi Goldberg and Livia Nelson.

Directed by George Lewis and Nicola Jane Francis, The Gigantic Change looks back from 2050 to show people came together to save the world from the climate crisis. "As we start to plan how to rebuild our world post-Covid, the film shows that a brighter future really is possible," says Extinction Rebellion. "But this won't happen on its own; we must all take action today. Climate change is an existential threat to people of all ages and backgrounds. The need for collective action has never been greater."

Passion Pictures, who also created the famous Orangutan advert for Iceland, knew that Whoopi's iconic voice would bring a perfect sense of gravitas to the performance. Already a prominent campaigner on environmental issues, they felt she had the power to inspire many of her followers to take action.

"The urgency of the situation clearly resonates with her, and many others, but the challenge is to communicate this urgency to the wider public," Extinction Rebellion continues. "This is the primary purpose of The Gigantic Change. After seeing the film, viewers are directed to a simple page outlining the most effective actions they can take to save the environment. This could be anything from diet and travel all the way up to civil disobedience."

The producer for The Gigantic Change was Serena Schellenberg, Bella Palmer was the executive producer, sound by Chris Banks and music by Simon Chamberlain. To find out more about the campaign, visit thegiganticchange.com.


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