COLLINS spruces up Facebook Messenger chatbot Manychat's brand identity

Founded in 2015 and powering conversations between brands and individuals, it's been a while since Manychat had been updated visually. Thankfully, they called US-based brand experience design company COLLINS to do just that.

Manychat – aka Facebook Messenger's chatbot and app-support system for some of the world's leading messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Telegram – needed a new look to connect with its users. So, it brought brand experience design company COLLINS on board to assist with this transformation.

After considering what its customers, broader community, and teammates needed, they refined the brand's tactics and strategies to reprioritise customer experience through design. Focused on seeking to push things creatively, Manychat knew that they wanted an identity that would best represent them.

COLLINS helped create a logo that reflected the brand's interest in technology and commitment to people. The 'm' character within the logo is constructed from various geometric and structural elements offering a futuristic look that represents its automation technology. While the expressive, organic forms expand beyond the structural constraints to represent the limitless performance of Manychat and of human creativity.

The brand identity system adopts the design signal 'Beyond The Edge' as an overarching visual principle embedded in everything the brand produces. The system juxtaposes 'Inside' and 'Beyond' elements to create a uniquely flexible system that can grow as the brand evolves.

While the calm colours and structural overtones reflect the technology's focus, its geometric elements reveal the laser focus and clarity provided by its technology. The bold use of colours and shapes reflects the brand's style, agile responsiveness and desire to progress.

"We believe our brand identity is an important part of our company's identity," says the Manychat team. "We are proud to bring this vision to life and are delighted to help brands worldwide with having valuable conversations with customers."


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