12 leading artists come together to celebrate the career of legendary skier Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn needs no introduction. After a remarkable career that spanned 433 races, 82 world cup wins and three Olympic medals, she retired as one of the greatest skiers of all time earlier this year.

When paying tribute, sometimes words aren’t enough. To honour Lindsey’s 14-year partnership Red Bull, the brand decided to enlist the help of 12 unique artists, each with their own story of perseverance, setbacks and success, to highlight her accomplishments through a variety of creative expressions, spanning illustration, graphic design, collage, poetry and lettering.

The end result is a collection of unique artworks, each inspired by a different aspect of Lindsey’s career journey, presented in a beautifully arranged and printed 16-page special edition zine, which will be included in the June issue of The Red Bulletin hitting shelves this week.

Featured artists include the creative director duo Amy and Jennifer Hood, Brooklyn-based illustrator Cari Vander Yacht, multidisciplinary designer Winston Elliott, Marvel artist and comic book illustrator Jen Bartel, Chicago-based lettering artist Ade Hogue, and LA-based illustrators Em Steel and Stacey Rozich.

You can grab yourself a copy of the latest Red Bulletin magazine via redbull.com.


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