'These Boobs Have Purpose' offers prints by leading illustrators to raise money to fight breast cancer

Brooklyn-based creative director Veronica Mike has launched what she calls a little "boobie-fundraiser" to help her cousin pay for her recommended breast cancer medical bill.

Collaborating with a bunch of talented illustrators, she has created a series of prints featuring their breast-inspired artworks under the name, 80085 for Charity. "I couldn’t just sit around and watch my cousin struggle with this payment on her own," Veronica told Creative Boom.

"These boobs have purpose," reads the campaign's strapline, which urges you to buy your "favourite tits" to support women battling breast cancer.

“Silje is a mother of four, under 35 and an all-around kind and giving human being. This news was a heavy load on all of us. I wanted to help out, and fortunately I wasn’t the only one,” Veronica adds.

80085 for Charity offers 20 prints from artists across the globe, featuring names like Janine Rewell (Agent Pekka), Dan Matutina (founding partner of Plus63 Design Co), Sarah Tanat-Jones (Handsome Frank), Timo Lenzen, Virginia Zamora, Kelsey Wroten and many more. The collection even includes a silver earring handmade by SWY Jewelry.

“I’m overwhelmed by the engagement from the artists," Veronica continues. "It turned out that many of the illustrators also have friends or family members affected by breast cancer, so it got really personal for many of us."

If you buy a print from 80085 for Charity, 70% goes to the cause, 15% goes to the artist and 15% covers the admin and production fees. Anything beyond $11,773 (the rest of Silje’s medical bill) will be donated as a gift to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in America.


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