Design Bridge's nature and science-inspired identity for a new brain performance supplement

Design Bridge New York has created an identity for a new brain performance supplement, Neuriva, drawing on the product's natural and scientific credentials.

Launched by consumer health and hygiene company RB in the US with two variants; Neuriva Original and Neuriva Plus, its disruptive and engaging new brand also brings to life the statement that “bright brain = bright life”.

From the visual identity, wordmark and logo to packaging, illustrations, key visuals and a suite of iconography that has been used for the brand’s digital presence, Design Bridge saw the opportunity to differentiate the Neuriva brand by telling both natural and science stories in one, drawing on its unique positioning of using clinically proven natural ingredients backed by science.

Mark DeRose, design director at Design Bridge New York, said: "The different vignettes link to the five key areas of performance that Neuriva helps with – focus, memory, concentration, accuracy and learning – and they depict relatable everyday activities that the brand can help people make the most of, such as work-life balance, family time, studying, fitness and business travel. The bold yet charming illustration style clearly communicates the benefits of the supplement while building an emotional connection with consumers."

This duality of the brain is also echoed in the bespoke Neuriva logotype where, on closer inspection, you’ll find that the dot of the letter ‘i’ has been playfully swapped out for a simplified brain icon. Discover more at


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