Yellow celebrates a full year in illustration as drawn by 52 of the world’s most exciting artists

Created by the team behind OFF LIFE, Yellow is a celebration of illustration and the artists who’ve made it their own. The concept was born out of wanting to show that illustration, "isn’t just a medium of pretty pictures; that it can be as powerful as any photograph or piece of writing".

To prove that point, 52 of the world’s most exciting artists – from Jean Jullien, to Hattie Stewart – were each allocated a week of the year when they were asked to illustrate one news story that broke within their seven days. The result is an entire illustrated year, drawn from 52 unique perspectives, that showcases what illustration can bring to the biggest issues of our time.

The book is now listed on Kickstarter to ensure full creative control for the illustrators involved. Check it out and show your support here.


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