World famous photographers Weber and Bailey capture the spirit of Harlem

Bruce Weber and David Bailey, two of the most respected photographers in the world, are to exhibit a unique collaboration that has captured the spirit and soul of Harlem, New York.

All images courtesy of the artists and Nicholls & Clarke Building

All images courtesy of the artists and Nicholls & Clarke Building

The exhibition will take place in the Nicholls & Clarke Building in Shoreditch and be open to the public between 13-21 September 2013. It will feature a wide range of photos of Harlem and its residents, all captured on a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone and a Nokia Camera Grip. Entry will be free.

The pair visited the most iconic sites in Harlem to bring to life everyday street scenes in the famous New York community. These images will be featured in exhibitions scheduled to take place globally this year. It was the first time Mr Weber had used a digital camera of any sort for his work and the first time he had partnered on a project with long-time friend David Bailey.

Mr Weber said: “My favourite neighbourhood in New York City in Harlem. To show my pal David Bailey from England around the neighbourhood the Nokia Lumia 1020 caught everybody's eyes. And we caught theirs. It works!"

Mr Bailey added: “I was born in East London so it is great that this exhibition will be given its global debut a stone’s throw away from where I first started taking pictures. The exhibition shows how you can blow up the images we have made on the Nokia Lumia 1020 as big as a professional digital camera.”


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