Witty illustrations by Roberto Cigna offer alternative perspective to finer details of life

As well as being an accomplished artist, Roberto Cigna's illustrations offer up humour and a quirky spirit that makes them engaging on multiple levels.

Thirty-four years old, the Italian editorial illustrator studied cinema before taking a foray into the art world. Describing his work, Cigna said: "My style is simple, full of minimal details and a strong narrative vision. You can find my editorial and political illustrations in newspapers and magazines."

Living and working in several countries throughout Europe – from Barcelona to Bucharest – Cigna has explored many different cultures, which has, in turn, had a profound effect on his work as an illustrator.

With publications such as the Washington Post, Canadian Living and Real Simple Magazine as previous clients, you can expect to see much more from Cigna. Check out the Anna Goodson Agency, and Roberto's website.


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