Imagined creatures that come out at night drawn beautifully by Martynas Pavilonis

Drawing inspiration from deep, dense forests and the darkness of night, Lithuanian illustrator Martynas Pavilonis, aka White White Dog, dreams up creatures and characters that reveal his wild and wonderful imagination.

"You can't see properly when it's dark, so you start to imagine lots of things, lurking in the shadows. I like to say that I see more at night than in daylight. This poor sight wakes up my creativity like nothing else."

Although there's definitely a darker and more sinister side to a lot of his illustrations, his style always has a signature rounded cuteness and plumpness to it – a reassurance that we can all sleep at night without worrying about what might be wandering outside or hiding under our beds. Well, that's what I like to tell myself.

Check out more of Martynas's work at London Book Fair 2018 in April where he'll be showing some of his latest illustrations. Or follow him on Instagram.


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