Who says washing up can't be fun? Uncommon's foam party spot for Method

Uncommon has teamed up with Method to bring 'Must I Evolve? Method for Change' – a lively, bubbly ad that takes us back to the epic foam parties of the '90s. It's the London creative studio's first campaign for the cleaning product brand, and it's one to remember.

The two-minute spot conveys the fun side of a normally mundane act – washing up. It signals a pre-pandemic era when we could all get up close and personal in a steamy nightclub, but Uncommon opted for an outdoor party instead, full of foam and dancing professionals. The film is set against the backdrop of Jarvis Cocker's 'Must I Evolve', and shot in New York City. The aim? According to Uncommon, it's to "bring meaningful joy to everyday acts".

In two decades, Method has re-imagined and created disruptive designs, from its first soap bottle made from 100 per cent recycled plastic to the most recent refillable bottle made from aluminium. With this in mind, the film starts with a looming climate emergency on the horizon and New Yorkers running around frantically, arguing and causing disruptions on the road.

Suddenly Jarvis Cocker's tranquil voice replaces the familiar sound of NYC's busy roads. Everyone goes quiet and calm as bits of foam start falling from the sky. Dogs are jumping up and down, trying to get in on the action, and people are sitting in cafés mesmerised by the little falling white clouds. As Cocker's voice gains momentum and the towering organ drone, chanted lyrics, and rumbling percussion gets louder and louder, everyone jumps into the pit of foam to dance, hug and sing.

Audiences are immersed in a riot of colour as the foam turns a stressed city street into a joyful block party – brought about by the simple, daily act of dishwashing with Method. The campaign launches first in the US, following later in the UK.

Method partnered with UK-based creative studio Uncommon to concept and produce the campaign, which includes the two-minute anthem video, a mix of streaming TV, programmatic digital, print, and social media. The film was directed by Jonathan Alric.

On the campaign, Uncommon said: "The smile-inducing campaign centres around the insight that people are looking for ways to do good for the planet and each other but don't know where to begin. Method aims to show that anything is possible with a little creativity and the power of community."

As the world starts to open up and so-called freedom days are announced across the globe, I am sure the scenes set by Uncommon and Method will be replicated, maybe even out on the street? Anything is possible, and even mundane acts like commuting to work or hailing a cab can be made fun, according to Uncommon. Ultimately, this ad will put a smile on anyone's face, even if it is just to remind us of what was and what will be again.


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