Brooklyn-based Alright Studio rebrands philanthropy-focused platform Overflow

Brooklyn-based Alright Studio has created new branding for Overflow, in a project that aims to "explain [a] little-understood space: philanthropy."

Alright has previously worked on projects creating brands for a number of different clients including Roberta's Pizza, Marco ice cream and financial companies including Valia Ventures and RDCL.

Overflow is a company that works to create opportunities for nonprofits to access a larger funding pool through stock donations.

The new designs look to make the company feel "both approachable and visionary," says founder Vance Roush, to help Overflow breathe new life into a space—non-profits—that's largely been overlooked by designers, brand professionals, and investors, until now.”

The aim of the new look is to set Overflow apart in the nonprofit space, "and inspire a new generation of philanthropists who have been donating more in the past year than ever before," Roush adds.

The studio's work also looks to highlight the important role that good design can play in amplifying important causes' reach and impact, and in making complicated ideas seem more accessible to all.


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