Voyeuristic photo series captures "wandering misfit" on the neon lit Sunset Strip

This neon-drenched photography series by Los Angeles-based, Robert Lang, captures the night-time activity of a 'misfit' wandering the Sunset Strip, The Valley and East Hollywood. Through the subject, described as "a complicated person and beautifully tragic, like LA itself", the photographer strives to put a magnifying glass over a cross-section of the city’s “odd balls and weirdos”.

Lang explains: "One day, when looking for an apartment to rent in West Hollywood, this creature was sat on the couch with a scraggly peroxide wig and unintentionally smeared makeup, tapping her pleather boot heel repeatedly on the floor while puffing hard on a cigarette. She was only to be known as the enigma, Natale.

"I was intrigued by her but could only find a fake Facebook account for her. Fascinated, I created a storyline of what she would do on a night out in LA." And this is the resulting series.

Robert Lang has no formal training in photography and is self-taught. His first occupation was as the official Fashion Week Front of House / Backstage photographer for the Daily Mail. Over the years, he has covered London, Paris, Paris Couture and New York Fashion Week, as well as contributing editorial to various fashion magazines. Discover more at robertlangphoto.com.

All images copyright of Robert Lang


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