Scott Dessert’s oddball collages celebrate the 'Gods of London'

We cannot resist anything collage-based, and the oddball and frequently hilarious work of illustrator and animator Scott Dessert is no exception. Originally from Rouen, France, Mr Dessert (what a wonderful name) is now living and working in London, using collage, illustration and animation, across projects including prints, installations and books.

The project that we found particularly pleasing is his Gods of London series. The works were shown in an “interactive” exhibition in east London’s Shoreditch which “explored the interaction of handcraft and technology, static and motion,” according to the illustrator. Visitors could interact with each piece through a QR code that linked to the animation of the artwork.

But even in their static form, these works more than speak for themselves, providing a sweetly humorous snapshot of the multifarious characters that make London what it is – if those characters had the heads of birds, foxes or Jamie Oliver, that is.


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