Cars: Philipp Zechner's photographic exploration of our obsession with motor vehicles

In 2012, an average new car cost about 30,000 Euros in Germany, about the same as an average year's salary. Within the last 30 years, the price of new cars has risen at twice the speed of the inflation rate, demonstrating the importance society places on the automobile. It serves as a means of transportation, but also as a second home, status symbol, and object of adoration.

In his series, Cars, Philipp Zechner explores our fascination with motor vehicles. Focusing on slightly outdated models, and always choosing a frontal side perspective, he takes the cars out of their environment, making them appear reminiscent of the classic Matchbox toy cars that many of us collected when we were children. Looking at the cars assembled in this series, we are instantly transported back to youth-hood.

Born in Germany in 1977, Philipp Zechner started taking pictures in his early twenties. In 2008, his first photobook Tokio im Licht der Nacht was published by Berlin-based Parthas Verlag, followed by Frankfurter Nächte (2013) and Tokyo Radiant (2016).

Philipp’s work is focused on urbanity and the seemingly ordinary, with many of his series showing streets or man-made objects. The photographer has been exhibited in both Japan and Germany. Discover more at

All images courtesy of Philipp Zechner


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