Vojd's brave, bold and ever-changing branding for Berlin's brilliant CTM Festival

“Fear, Anger, Love” was the theme of this year’s ever-extraordinary celebration of electronic music, CTM, and the Berlin-based festival made itself known through some equally extraordinary graphics.

The festival has made a name for itself for programming and curating some of the most brave, bold and brilliant music and art around, allowing the graphic designers tasked with branding the thing a bit of licence to dabble in the weird and esoteric, too. Berlin-based agency Vojd created the 2017 graphics, releasing a suite of photographic images warped into marbled, melting abstractions. These were brought to life in animated stings before live shows, as well as across posters, programmes and flyers, where they formed the backdrop to some neat sans serif type.

Such a campaign meant that at almost every turn, festival goers (or potential festival-goers) were presented with a new image, keeping the identity feeling fresh and dynamic. Subtle modifications to otherwise simple typefaces created an extra dimension of modernity, with an additional bar on the “E” and a cross image formed within the “N” of “Anger.”

Vojd is headed up by Marius Rehmet, and other clients include INDES Politikmagazin, Goethe-Institut Nowosibirsk, Magda-PERM Records and ICAS Festival. Alongside the agency’s visual work, it also offers free audio downloads in the name of “widening its emotional range.” Thanks guys!


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