Mixed Bag: Jesse Mallon's brightly coloured abstract artworks of favourite snacks

In his series Mixed Bag, designer Jesse Mallon developed six brightly coloured abstract artworks of some of his favourite snacks, ranging from the classic Australian musk stick to Japanese Pocky. The collection was created for Studio Brave in Melbourne where we works, as part of an extracurricular project which encouraged him to develop and exhibit a range of prints.

"Unlike the other designers involved in the project," Jesse said. "I did not have an existing art practice to draw upon for my series. The challenge became resetting my creative process; an escape from the usually constrained brief-led world of graphic design."

The Mixed Bag series was exhibited in Melbourne last year, and prints are now available in limited editions of 10 in three different sizes. Find out more at www.jessemallon.com.au/mixedbag or follow the tasty project on Instagram @mixedbagprints.


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