Urban Quilt: Photography series celebrates Chicago's overlapping architecture

This stunning photography series, quite appropriately entitled Urban Quilt, features Chicago's urban density and its various eras of design, which overlap to create 'a patchwork of history'.

Chicago-based Angie McMonigal, grew up in central Wisconsin before moving to the 'windy city' 16 years ago. Through her work she strives to combine her love of the bustling big city, its architecture and her childhood roots in nature to create meditative, contemplative imagery out of the broader urban landscape.

Frequently working with art consultants, designers, architectural firms and private collectors, McMonigal provides "distinctive imagery by drawing out the organic interplay between design, structure, environment and society".

An award-winning fine art photographer, Angie’s work has been internationally exhibited and published. Galleries in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and other destinations have showcased her work. Her images have been published in National Geographic, SHOTS Magazine and Departures Magazine, to name but a few.

Discover more at www.angiemcmonigal.com.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Angie McMonigal


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