Japanese Ikebana-inspired vases that create unique floral arrangements

Israeli designer Omer Polak – featured previously with his wonderful 'Blow Dough' – has created a beautiful new series of vases which celebrate the unique Japanese culture of Ikebana.

Ikebana is the art of floral arrangement, and Omer wanted to investigate the use of flowers as part of his ongoing research project about the sense of smell in our everyday lives. Following on from his Boutonniere artwork – a mini vase for a flower which you can carry in your breast pocket – he decided to focus on the flower itself and create a vase that shows respect to the flower, using all its beauty – from the stem and leaves to the finer details.

Speaking of his new project, Omer said: "I was fascinated by Ikebana as a traditional Japanese floral arrangement – something that often emphasises other areas of a plant, such as its stems and leaves, and draws emphasis toward shape, line and form.

"I believe in the spiritual aspects of Ikebana and flowers in general. Silence and minimalism is a must during practices of this ancient Japanese practice. It is time to appreciate things in nature that people often overlook because of their busy lives. One becomes more persistent and tolerant of differences, not only in nature but also in general. Ikebana can inspire one to identify with beauty in all art forms. This is also the time when one feels an intimacy with nature, which provides relaxation for the mind, body and soul. My aim was to bring this possibility to the user without being an expert in Ikebana."


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