Urban Geometries: Cool graphic prints inspired by London's geometric architecture

For her project Urban Geometries, graphic designer Dessislava Madanska has produced a series of limited edition art prints, inspired by the geometric shapes and compositions found in building facades around London.

"It is about finding beauty in unusual places and staying curious and aware of the small details in our surroundings," she explains. "The Urban Geometries of the city were gathered and translated into a geometric composition of patterns. The graphics were used to create a Letterpress base for hot-foil printing. It it as much about the process, as it is about the finished product."

Every poster is hand-printed on high-quality heavyweight 350gsm G . F Smith Colorplan paper in three different tones: Dark Grey, Claret and Imperial Blue. Every coloured paper is matched with a different foiling, so Dark Grey goes with copper, Claret with gold and Imperial Blue with silver.

Dessislava adds: "The beauty of the hot-foil printing is that the foil on the image slightly changes its colour and shadings as the light changes or if looked from a different angle."

Fancy one of these prints for yourself? You'll need to back her campaign over on Kickstarter. To find out more about Dessislava, visit www.onedesignspace-shop.com.


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