Ragged Edge revolutionises workplace well-being with new Unmind rebrand

Workplace well-being platform Unmind has collaborated with London-based brand agency Ragged Edge to create an emotive new identity that empowers the mental health of employees.

In terms of the workplace, mental health has come a long way. Until all too recently, it was not addressed by companies at all, but in recent years a groundswell of momentum has ensured that most businesses have some awareness of the toll work can take on employees. But there's always more that can be done.

That's where Unmind comes in. Founded by clinical psychologist Dr Nick Taylor and backed by rigorous research and data, the platform supports over 2.5 million users across more than 100 countries. With the help of interactive courses, tracking and assessments, workers can access mental well-being support and ensure they avoid negative consequences like burnout.

In terms of branding, though, mental health can feel a bit restricted. It's a difficult subject both to approach and articulate, so it's unsurprising that many adopt a clinical, almost medical approach to well-being branding. This is what Unmind wanted to avoid, though, when they enlisted the services of Ragged Edge.

Gone is any sense of coldness. In its place are warmth and hope. Rather than playing it safe, Ragged Edge wanted to create an identity that was as revolutionary and empowering as Unmind's unshakeable vision for a new era of workplace well-being.

"In a category that tends to offer sticking plaster solutions, Unmind offers a holistic and genuinely transformational approach," says Max Ottignon, co-founder of Ragged Edge. "So we framed the brand around a movement for change. It invites employers and employees to unite around the belief that work can and should be good for your mental health."

According to Ragged Edge, the new identity is built around one core idea: change you can feel. This idea is then expressed through human passions and statistical proof. Take the central colour, yellow, seen as a beacon of optimism. Then there's the photography which features workers teaming up and proving that there is strength in numbers. Mental health can often feel like a solo struggle, and Unmind is here to remind people that this simply isn't the case.

Accompanying these assets is a tone of voice that has been carefully calibrated to celebrate mental health instead of apologising for it. Key to this is proof that Unmind can provide through its UI, statistics and real-time data visualisation. These draw on Unmind's scientific credibility and tap into how users feel momentarily.

Perhaps the perfect summation of the new Unmind identity is its logotype. This has been hand-crafted to combine human warmth with credibility, and just like the brand as a whole, it is specially designed to drive change at scale.

It was achieved by a close collaboration between Ragged Edge and Unmind, ensuring the brand can come to life across various channels and touchpoints for employers and employees to encounter.

"It is easy to get mental health and well-being wrong because it is so emotional and personal," concludes Ben Shaw from Unmind.

"Ragged Edge has helped us capture the feeling of a movement – that the status quo isn't acceptable – and wrap that in a world of credibility backed up by our scientific status. The rebrand has given us the tools to rebrand mental health and change perceptions in the workplace."


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