Undaily Bread uncovers the untold stories of Venezuelan refugees

William Niño, an art director based in Bogotá, Colombia, has been working on an audiovisual project with American photographer Gregg Segal that looks to uncover "the other side of the Venezuelan refugees and immigrants' story".

All images courtesy of William Niño

All images courtesy of William Niño

The project, titled Undaily Bread, looks at the plight of the hundreds of refugee and migrant mothers who cross the border every day seeking protection and a better future for their children. "The reality of their journey is not seen in any statistics," says Niño.

Segal was chosen for the project thanks to his previous series titled Daily Bread, which presented the daily diets of children around the world with each image using a unique style based on each of their cultures.

Undaily Bread "tells the story of five refugee families that left everything behind to be able to cross the Colombian cold moors on foot," Niño explains. "Our pictures are meant to bring awareness to the crisis they faced on their seven-day journey (starting at the border until they reached Bogotá), portraying them around the things they carried from home in addition to the diet they ate on the road."


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