Hex Digital creates identity and site for Wellcome Trust body that 'brings the research and entertainment sectors together'

Hex Digital has worked with The Wellcome Trust on its new OKRE platform, a new body which aims to "bring the research and entertainment sectors together".

OKRE stands for Opening Knowledge across Research and Entertainment, and the platform is focused on creating content that helps aid and expands people’s understanding of the world.

Hex was first commissioned to the project in June last year to create OKRE’s visual identity and digital platforms. The key challenge was the "breadth of organisations the brand needed to appeal to across the research, entertainment and social impact sectors," according to the agency.

The response was to create a "playful and contemporary brand that would speak to the different sectors with which we work," in the words of Iain Dodgeon, director of OKRE and formerly broadcast, games and film manager at Wellcome. OKRE is, according to Hex, one of the first organisations of its kind to effectively span and bring together the research, entertainment and social impact sectors.

"There are organisations that work within the research sector, organisations that work within the entertainment sector, and organisations that work across social impact, but few can work across all of these sectors to ensure the effective sharing of information between them," says Hex. "This meant that the brand identity and the corresponding website design for OKRE had to be finely balanced to appeal to all groups."

This sense of ambition needed to be reflected in a bold identity; and Hex's work spanned creating a new name, tagline, visual identity, and digital assets for the platform. OKRE is currently incubated at Wellcome. Other partners include UKRI, Joseph Roundtree Foundation, Unbound Philanthropy.


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