The Way to Design: Human After All turns a complex manifesto into a beautiful experience

London studio Human After All recently helped Foundation Capital to transform its complex manifesto on the future of entrepreneurship and design into an intuitive digital experience and beautiful printed book.

Devised originally on the personal and professional experiences of General Partner Steve Vassallo – as well as key figures in the startup community – the manifesto centred on the emerging role of the "designer founders" in companies.

Renaming it The Way to Design, Humans After All worked with illustrator Christopher DeLorenzo to bring the book’s varied concepts to life, and to unite them with a lively, coherent visual language.

In its first month, The Way to Design attracted over 30,000 readers and 5,000 downloads. And it received praise from industry heavyweights such as Joe Gebbia, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Airbnb, who called it "...the first practical and inspirational guide for designers who want to create positive change in the world."

All imagery via Humans After All


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