3D Joe and Max's mind-blowing illusory street art 'sink holes'

The work of artist Joe Hill is very much akin to magic; working through illusion and sheer skill to create street-based work that transports the viewer to thrilling new realms.

Hill has been making breathtaking 3D street paintings all over the world for over a decade, originally with his partner Max Lowry until he sadly passed away in 2010. He still works under the moniker 3D Joe and Max.

Among his previous works have been creating the Guinness World record winning world’s biggest 3D painting in London, Star Wars imagery for Dubai’s Comic-Con, and 3D works for The Dark Knight Rises in Madrid.

His most recent project took Londoners by surprise last month when they ventured into a fake "sink hole", designed as a portal into the video game world of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. What with being gamers and all, numerous fans of the game swung by in full costume to pose next to his fantastical and terrifying realistic landscape.


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