The viral 'Dancing Granny' makes granny pants cool with a modern rework of Baby Got Back

She was the "Dancing Granny" who took this year's Notting Hill Carnival by storm, with a video of her showing off her moves going viral online. Now Colette Zacca is the star of a new campaign for underwear brand sloggi.

Granny Got Pants, created by MullenLowe, makes the case that granny pants are comfortable and cool, despite years of prescriptive ideas about what female underwear should look like.

In the spot, Colette, a 56-year-old from Sheffield who has had a double hip replacement, raps and dances along to a version of 1992 Sir Mix-A-Lot classic Baby Got Back with updated lyrics, reappropriating the song by making women the heroes of their own story. "I like big pants and I can not lie," is one class line. We also love: "I'm sick of magazines saying g-strings still a thing".

"When sloggi launched the Maxi Pant in 1979," says Jose Miguel Sokoloff of MullenLowe, "the brand caught the attention of women who wanted underwear to be comfortable and stylish. Forty years later, sloggi’s message is even more relevant today amidst the body positivity movement. This campaign demonstrates that comfort is finally cool for everyone."

What did Colette think of the campaign? "I’m still in denial that this is all happening, and that so many people have seen my dance moves. After two hip replacements, I never thought I’d dance again, let alone be signed by sloggi. The brand has been a joy to work with, and I’m really proud of the work we’re making. I’ve always loved dancing so the whole experience has been incredible. It took me a while to gain the confidence I have now, so I hope the campaign inspires others to feel the same – just confident, comfortable and happy with their bodies, in their own skin."

Without endorsing sloggi ourselves, who doesn't love a big pair of pants?


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