The Last Straw: artist Paul Karslake’s ‘rubbish’ collection with an important message

Artist Paul Karslake has skilfully recreated some of history’s most iconic paintings, with one crucial difference.

An empty Evian bottle bobs alongside Monet’s water lilies, Van Gogh’s starry night is strewn with Sainsbury’s bags, and Lucian Freud’s fat lady sleeps beside empty Mcdonalds wrappers.

This modern take on some of the world’s most recognisable masterpieces puts the spotlight on single-use plastics, resulting in a thought provoking and relevant comment on our everyday reality.

Even before he won his first County Art Prize at the age of eight, Paul was immersed into the Art World. Paul’s father, Mike, was a renowned architectural model maker. From Mike, Paul was taught business ethics, form and perspective .

Paul’s paintings have since brought him worldwide recognition. His iconic portraits of popular figures, from The Rolling Stones to Princess Grace of Monaco, hang in the homes of the likes of Sir Michael Caine, Keith Richards and Tracy Emin, and they form part of many corporate and private collections in the UK and around the world. To find out more, visit:


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