Robot Food crafts new beer can designs for Vocation Brewery

Vocation & Atom Beers

The beer can has become the new canvas for innovative graphic design. The explosion of the craft beer scene over recent years has given graphic designers a great opportunity to produce cans that are as beautiful to look at as their contents are refreshing.

Independent microbreweries are able to be more experimental with their branding than many of the mainstream brands, leading to some fresh, modern packaging designs for their products.

One such brewery is West Yorkshire-based Vocation Brewery, which has released three new collaborations with can design by Robot Food.

The three new beers, created with Manchester’s Chorlton Brewery Co, Hull’s Atom Beers and New Zealand’s Yeastie Boys, demanded a design to suit.

Having worked with the brand from the beginning across a number of projects, Robot Food looked to balance Vocation’s brand identity with graphics inspired by the beers themselves.

"We used the ampersand from our original brand creation with Vocation to represent the collaborations. Acting as a template to keep a constant visual throughout the range, it alters to reflect each new pairing and flavour that comes with each new brew," says Ben Brears, Senior Designer at Robot Food.

The tropical and citrus flavours of Vocation & Chorlton Brewery Co’s ‘Sour Smash’ provided the inspiration for the can’s design, featuring a punchy colour palette and explosive visuals.

With Atom Beers’ focus firmly grounded in the knowledge of brewing, Robot Food created a blue print design for the ampersand, reflecting Atom’s focus on science.

Finally, the flavour pairing with Yeastie Boys -a Waffle and Blueberry Breakfast Stout - demanded a mouth-watering design, so the ampersand template was transformed into a delicious waffle, good enough to eat, and drizzled with blueberry jam.

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Vocation & Chorlton Brewery Co's Sour Smash

Vocation & Chorlton Brewery Co's Sour Smash

Vocation & Yeastie Boys Waffle and Blueberry Breakfast Stout

Vocation & Yeastie Boys Waffle and Blueberry Breakfast Stout