Making sense of Hong Kong's wild mix: Tarik Ahmet's street photography

"People fascinate me," says Tarik Ahmet, a London-based documentary portrait photographer. "The way they interact with a smile, a nod or barge on through with their head down, trying to make sense of the world. Human nature, it's so hard to understand but it's fascinating nonetheless."

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Tarik Ahmet

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Tarik Ahmet

Ahmet, whose clients include Western Union, Haywards, Toblerone and Netgear, had a 36-hour layover in Hong Kong after a visit to Cambodia last November, and the opportunity to capture some street photography with his trusty Fuji XT2 was too good to pass up.

"Hong Kong has always intrigued me, with its wild mix of cultural development and colourful way of life," he says. "Their buildings are at neck-breaking heights with people interwoven between them, each living their own story and embracing the way the city is growing so quickly.

"With a short stop over, I wanted to share a glimpse of this amazing city and their people. Between every cityscape there’s a story to capture and connections to be made."


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