Kyle Smart's illustrations deal with complex subject matters in a sensitive and abstract way

This collection of illustrations by Kyle Smart explores a range of difficult subject matters, presenting them in "an accessible way". Primarily working in editorial artwork, Smart covers Science, Mental Health and Technology.

He explains: "My current body of work was born out of a frustration in my editorial illustration, with the need to dress up the central concept of a superfluous subject matter. So I’ve tried to make the figurative parts more central and decorative in a way which carries the concept on its own.

"Since making this shift, I’ve been commissioned to deal with really heavy subject matters. From male suicides to brain aneurysms. Work that often can need a sensitive, more abstract and often 'light' touch."

Smart has worked with a variety of clients, including Variety Magazine, Readers Digest, The Wall Street Journal and Emirates Open Skies. Discover more at


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