The Girl Next Door: Fragmented images inspired by Irving Penn's Summer Sleep, New York

In her photo essay, The Girl Next Door, New York City based photographer Jordan Tiberio pays homage to Irving Penn’s 1949 photograph ‘Summer Sleep, New York’, creating curious, fragmented images that hide the bigger picture.

Speaking to The Photographic Journal, she said: "Much of my personal work revolves around the theories of memory, and how the medium of photography aids or destroys this natural process.

"In this body of work, I chose to focus on how that loss of information can be objectified with the use of a camera. Using a window screen as the central point of focus in each image, simple snap shots are broken down into complex blocks of colour, each becoming a building block for the bigger picture. Dashes of water obstruct bits of each scene, representing the fragments of our memories lost to time."

Jordan won numerous awards and gained international acclaim before she even received her BFA in photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2015. If you love her work, you can purchase prints via the Milk Gallery. Or visit to discover more.

Via This Isn't Happiness & The Photographic Journal


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