12 creative put-downs turned into cheeky typographic art by Lisa Maltby

It can be challenging to stay sane and push your skills forward as a freelance creative, particularly when it's a field under so much scrutiny. And when we receive certain feedback from clients, it's hard not to take their comments personally.

For illustrator, designer and lettering artist Lisa Maltby, she's come up against a number of put-downs, both from acquaintances and creative professionals, and decided to transform them into art.

She explained: "As a sort of weird cathartic process I decided to turn the criticisms and condescending comments into fun typographic art. I wanted to create these in ways that matched each comment, using different media for each one accordingly. I hope they make you chuckle."

Based in Sheffield, Lisa has over 10 years' experience in the creative industries, and works for clients worldwide – whether that's a one-off illustration, a brand identity or a range of packaging designs. To discover more of her work, visit www.lisamaltby.com or follow her on Twitter @Lisa_Maltby.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Lisa Maltby


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