The Forest Dark: Collage paintings of a magical, dark forest on an inky black background

In her latest series, The Forest Dark, Clare Börsch presents mixed media, collage works on canvas that features dense and luminous compositions that are radiant against inky black backgrounds.

The American artist, who is based in Berlin, wanted to explore the archetype of the dark forest and relish in the hiding and concealing of black paint, mirroring how darkness works on the world, adding a layer of depth and magic.

Apparently, Clare was inspired by the American writer and naturalist, Henry Beston, who once wrote: "Learn to reverence night and to put away the vulgar fear of it, for, with the banishment of night from the experience of man, there vanishes as well a religious emotion, a poetic mood, which gives depth to the adventure of humanity. "

"Having grown up all over the world, my life has been a collage of sorts," Clare tells Creative Boom. "For me, it makes sense that a Brazilian butterfly is collaged next to a North American flower. In my mind, they are intrinsically connected. Collage is a way for me to connect to and make sense of my experiences and memories."

From hundreds of impressions, one composition: Clare Celeste Börsch has been assimilating to different cultures and environments her entire life – having lived in Brazil, the US, Italy, Honduras, Argentina and Germany.

Rich with texture and detail, each composition pays tribute to her capacity to transform her archive of experiences into hallucinogenic ecosystems of their own. The lush assemblages of fauna and flora exude a visceral and intimate fragility. They speak to the mutable nature of memories as reconstructions that border on mythologies.


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