Brand Brothers crafts an identity for Les Halles de la Cartoucherie, a new community in Toulouse

Brand Brothers has created an identity for Les Halles de la Cartoucherie, a new community space in the heart of a former ammunition factory in Toulouse.

The Paris-based design studio were approached by Cosmopolis, the collective behind the giant project, to provide Les Halles with a graphic identity that would mark its official launch and would support it at all stages of its development.

"The challenge was to be able to showcase the madness of a hybrid place, an experimental spirit and a taste for all cultures, both traditional and innovative, all in a conscious and responsible manner," explains Johan Debit, one of the studio's co-founders.

Set to be completed in 2020, you can expect to see the launch of a cultural, artistic and gastronomic programme this spring that will show a glimpse of what's to come. In the long term, these halls, which open onto a brand new eco-neighbourhood, will bring together a wide range of activities around four areas: culture, gastronomy, sport/wellness and workspaces.

Johan adds: " We have designed a typographic logo in a full monospaced headline font that reflects the structure of the halls. Based on a grid that takes up the design of the frames, this typography becomes the backbone of the identity and gives the Halls a unique character.

Brand Brothers also opted for a neon palette and the VG5000 (VTF) font to accompany this typogram, to obtain a "modular and hybrid visual triptych, allowing powerful variations". Print and web materials have been launched for Les Halles' first season. More developments are to come.


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